Wedding Wednesday: Meet the maids 

As I was writing this I became so overwhelmed with love. I am so blessed by each one of you. I am so lucky, thank you all for being so amazing, I wouldn’t be me without each and every one of you.

Charmaine- Maid of Honor 

Charmaine and I have been friends since 2005. We became fast friends and how that came about is kind of a funny story. We have some mutual friends and we were all at my house one night. One of them commented how he called to check in on us at least once a week Charmaine made a comment that nobody checked in on her and I responded that I will. At that point Charmaine and I did not know each other outside of our circle of mutual friends. The following week I sent her a message through MySpace letting her know that I was just checking in on her. We sent messages back-and-forth and we had made plans to hang out the following weekend, really from that point on we were inseparable. We became roommates and best friends. The point that Charmaine and I came into each others lives we both needed each other for different reasons. Charmaine was going through a break up after a long term relationship I was going through my divorce with Kevin. We always had so much fun together. We would take what we called “Our Sunday adventures”. We always supported each other right or wrong. I recall several occasions where Charmaine flat out told me while she didn’t agree with the decision I was making she loved me and she would support me regardless. That she did over all the years of friendship; her love and loyalty has never wavered. Charmaine is always somebody that I can count on, no matter what. No matter how busy life gets or how hectic things are she’s always been supportive and always there for me when I need her. Even when life gets in the way and we don’t get to spend as much time together as we hope when we do connect it’s like no time has passed. Our friendship is forever. I couldn’t say I do with out her.

Jessica- Matron Of Honor 
Jessica and I met when I was 10 years old. Not many people can say they have friends for over 25 years. We have literally done life together. There has not been one single thing that we have not done together. We dated and married brothers, we then divorced them. We went through deaths together. Jessica was there when both Taylor and Thomas were born. My kiddos have an awesome aunt. We can tell you a funny story about the night before Tommy was born. We lived together several times and in apartments next door to each other. We made good choices and bad choices together. We love each other at times and get on each other’s nerves others. One thing that never changed in 25 years is the fact that I can still call her one of my best friends. Even when we make choices we don’t agree with we love and support each other. Lifetime friends are hard to come by. I am always grateful for her. Of course I’d have her by my side when I say I do.
Taylor- Bridesmaid 

My baby girl!! 16 years ago at just 18 years old the lord blessed me with a chubby little bald headed, blue eyed baby girl. This baby girl has become one of my best friends. It was on that day, my life finally had real meaning. Taylor has helped me develop into the women that I am today. Every choice I have made along the way that has lead me to where I am. Right or wrong her, and her equally chubby little brother, were considered. I know it’s a moms job to teach their children but we have taught each other. That chubby baby is now a beautiful, strong, dependable, and independent young women. Taylor has big goals and loves even bigger. I’m blessed to be her mama! It’s such a blessing to have her with me when I say I do.
Kendall- Bridesmaid 

Kendall is my baby sister and ,while she is 21 years old, she will always be the baby. I was almost 15 years old when Kendall was born, her and I have always had a very special relationship. Maybe because she’s a lot like me. She’s sensitive, kind, an awesome friend, and very organized. I’d like to say that she gets those traits from me. Kendall is hilarious and she’s always making all of us laugh. Although she makes me crazy when she wants to tickle me up or pick me up she also can cheer me up when I’m having a rough time. Kendall is extremely dependable and you can always count on her when you need something. I’m so honored to have her by my side when I say I do.
Kaitlyn- Bridesmaid 

Kait is my middle sister. She was born when I was 7 years old. She’s always been a free spirt and definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. If you tell her she can’t do something she’s gonna do it anyways just to prove you wrong. Kait loves big and always goes all in. Kait is very protective of her family and loved ones. She has one of the most kind and loving hearts. She is a friend to everyone but values loyalty and once the trust is broken it’s gone forever. I am so happy that she can there for me on my wedding day.

The Maids❤

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