The adventure of Wedding Dress shopping 

It is not a secret that this is not my first marriage. But this was the first time I went shopping for wedding dresses. And before this I’d never tired on wedding dresses. When I married my ex husband My mom ordered my dress from a plus size catalog and that was the only option in my size. Size 28 plus size. So many thoughts and feelings ran through my head as I tried on dress after dress. The dress I’m wearing in the picture on the right is a size 12 and the gal helping me yesterday told me not to get caught up on the size of the dress. She said wedding dresses run one or two sizes bigger then you actually wear. I had to explain to her I was amazed that dress even fit me. I shared with her my journey. 

I’d learned a few other things while dress shopping as well. What I was not prepared for was to strip down naked in front of a stranger. Truth: this was very uncomfortable for me. 

The consultant at the first shop did give me some privacy, she kept checking to see if I needed help in and out of them. She also did the zippers. The consultant at the second shop did not give any privacy. I had to be naked in front of her. Although she was very lovely and helped me in and out of every dress. 
I  also did not come prepared and wear undergarments that were wedding dress approved. Next time I’d probably wear light-color boy shorts and a strapless bra. I had to go bra less with every dress. 
Let me tell you trying on gowns is emotionally and physically draining. I’m so glad I had a good breakfast and packed my Shakeology. Some of the time I noticed I was even sweating a little. 
My bridesmaids came shopping with me. They were actually trying to find dresses as well. This was a exciting day for all of us. It was great to have trusted opinions, but also a little difficult. Every one had there favorite and I was afraid I’d make the the wrong choice. I tried on probably 16 dresses that day. I had my sister and matron of honor take pictures in each dress. The ones I thought were my favorites have changed the more I look at the pictures. I’ve decided I need another day to try on the favorites again. 

My boss made a good point that when I go back I need to give the dress a “test run” try sitting, dancing, kneeling. I need to make sure not only I like the look but I’m comfortable all day and night.
So now I’ve narrowed it down to my top two favorites and I’m headed back to give them both a test run and hopefully “Say YES to the dress” 

Even though I did not chose these dresses they are each gorgeous and I felt beautiful! 

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