The practice of self love 

Thinking about how different my life is now and in some ways I never expected. In some ways it’s just better. In other ways it’s just different. It’s so funny how life happens that way sometimes isn’t it? It wasn’t until I changed my mindset that I realized some of my habits unhealthy and causing a lot of my unhappiness. I was making myself unhappy? WHAT?! 

After deciding I needed to make a change this crazy journey was set in motion. This journey has been filed with amazing, kind and loving people. Filled with twists and turns, heartache and joy. Filled with LOTS of hard  work, sweat and tears! 

Talk about some major ah-ha moments along the way!!! 

One thing Ive realized that it’s ok to say no, that sometimes I need to slow down. That I definitely need more than 5 hours sleep. And that if I eat like crap I feel like crap!  

I have also learned that with time and consistency self-care stops feeling like a plan or a checklist and becomes a way of life. It becomes a habit to check in with yourself and give your body and mind what it needs when it needs it.

I know better then anyone that we all get caught up in life at times, and self-care is given very little thought if any. 

In the busyness of life, family and work it’s so easy to not give ourselves a break, any care or much needed space.

As I look back at how I started creating a self-care plan and one of the first things I did was to decide what self-care needed to look like for me. What areas of my life could use a little attention? For me that was my weight!! For others it may be other areas. Now my weight is not so much my issues as other self care/ love “issues” I’m working on. 

Once you start thinking about it, your self-care needs will become very clear.

Now that I’m maintaining my weight I’ve been focusing more on a self love. 

Here’s a few easy Self-Care Ideas. Just some ways to take care of yourself and give yourself some much needed “me time” 

 Make a cup of tea:  Tea can be so incredibly relaxing! If you have trouble sleeping you can have a cup of herbal tea before bed to help you relax.

Read some quotes: Go to Pinterest and search for some positive and uplifting quotes to inspire you. *Write down your favorites 

Get some fresh air: If you don’t have the time or the motivation to go for a walk, that’s ok. Just go outside, even if only for 5 minutes and get some fresh air! 

Stretch: Just to be clear I did not say exercise (BUT that would be a good idea too). Just get up and move around. Stretch out your legs and your arms. 

Hang out with your pet: Cuddling an animal has been proven to help reduce stress, tension and anxiety. Your pet will love the attention, it’s a win win! 

Drink some water: Are you keeping yourself hydrated? Go have a nice glass of water! THIS IS A MUST DAILY 

Take a Shower: Go take a nice relaxing hot shower. You may need to give yourself a few minutes more than 5 minutes for this one. Make it a 10 or 15 minute shower.

Reach out: Call, Send a quick text, Facebook message or email. We love and need connection. Reaching out to others, even if only to check in is so important! 

Deep Breathing: Take some time to focus on nothing else but breathing. Until you take time to slow down and observe your breathing. Sit in a comfortable position with your feet on the floor. Breathe in through your nose and then breathe out through your mouth. Really focus on it!! 

Listen to Music: It is crazy how music or a song can take you to a whole other place. Turn on one of your favourite pandora station or play a favorite song. Sometimes I sing at the top of lungs (it helps)

Self care and Self love can be very difficult practice for some people to start. I had feelings at first that I was being selfish. That I should be doing something else. That it didn’t matter anyway. Like that saying goes “you can’t pour from a empty cup” you must take care of your self in order to take care of others. Why do you think they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first in a plane crash? You will not be any good to anyone else if you are well. 

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