The key to self confidence {Love Yourself} 

I’ve been talking a lot about Self love and left care and I want to share my top tips for building Self Esteem & Self Love!

❤ Above all else BE TRUE TO YOURSELF! Live your life doing what feels right to YOU, not what someone else thinks you should be doing. It’s ok to listen to advice, but in the end, YOU make the decision that feels best for you. You are responsible for your own happiness. Your feelings are important. 

❤ Change your mental diet. Read uplifting books. (I love me some personal development) Listen to uplifting Podcasts, and watch inspirational YouTube videos. (I can suggest some) What you put your attention on becomes more real. So focus on what you want to create, on what makes you happy. Don’t focus on negativity. 

❤ Stop comparing yourself to others. You are not supposed to be like anyone else. You are you!! You are the only one who can be you. If you want something to measure yourself by, compare how you were yesterday to how you are today, and be kind to yourself. 

❤ Create an uplifting environment for yourself. This can be uplifting music, photos, plants (if you don’t kill them like me), open windows,  let the fresh air in. Wear clothes that you feel good in. Fix your hair and makeup. Buy the lipstick it does make a difference 😘

 ❤ Celebrate your successes. Even the small ones. Don’t wait to get perfect. Any progress at all is worthy of celebration. Progress not perfection! When you celebrate, you are telling the world “I am loving this, give me more!” 

❤  Be grateful. You have much to be grateful for. Gratitude alone can turn things around for you. What are you grateful for right now?

❤ Do things that stretch your comfort zone. Anytime you feel fear, as long as it isn’t life threatening, is an opportunity to grow!

❤ Spend time with supportive, uplifting people. We do exist! 

❤ Allow yourself to be where you are. Just feel whatever you are feeling, without judging it or judging yourself for feeling it. Embrace it. Explore it. Feel it. Then LET IT GO! This can only be done when you let go of your resistance to feeling it, which is kept in place by the story and the judgment around it.

❤ Spend some time just being. This can be much easier in Nature. Take a walk. Open up the windows. Sit outside. I use to take drives out to the ocean A LOT to think and reflect. Just slow down and have time for some inner reflection. Priorities become clearer. Who you truly are is more easily recognized here.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Let me know what are your top tips. I’d love to hear them. 

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