Why I’m no longer a Beachbody Coach 

I shared on a selfie yesterday on Facebook stating that my mission is to be authentic, speak my truth, be of service, inspire and empower women, collaborate with others, and indulge in life’s simple luxuries. 
I believe with all my heart, God puts specific desires in our hearts for a reason. My desire is and has been to encourage and empower women to better themselves. Whether that be through diet and exercise. Or through personal development and self care. 
I have been asking God how he wants to use me. After the wedding, In August I want to go back to school. I want to help women. I’ve been through some stuff y’all. I want to inspire, empower, and help women change there lives. Not just with weight loss, with tough life changes. 
If I can be 100% honest I have felt limited by Beachbody. It is no secret I did not lose all of my weight from Beachbody. I have literally done it all. I have done what works for my body and when it’s not working anymore I change it up. YES, Shakeology and the Beachbody program came into my life at a time I needed it desperately. My support team has been what’s kept me going. I have nothing but good things to say about the Shakes and Programs. The reason I felt limited is because I didn’t feel comfortable sharing other ways that can work or workouts that can also work. I have felt a obligation to Beachbody. Again I want to help all women at every level. 
Insert this wonder lipstick I bought from a friend having a online party. After trying it, I thought why on earth have I not heard of this stuff before?! I then began to see it EVERYWHERE. It last 6-10+ hours on me and it is waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof, vegan, non-gmo, lead free, wax free, animal cruelty free, etc. When I wore this lipstick I just felt beautiful. Just something about being “put together” gives you some extra self confidence. 

There is this super passionate, God fearing, mom boss I “met” via Facebook although I’m still not sure how other then divine leading. Well she had a online store, I asked her if I can check it out. I was hearing more and more about this opportunity and the seed had been planted. These girls looked like they were having lot of FUN! It also looked like something I could do to add some extra income for the wedding.

 I kept praying and all the signs were pointing me this direction. At first I honestly had no intention to sell it. And then I decided to just do it! I took that leap of faith and signed up with SeneGence / LipSence to be a distributor. 

Now here comes the tricky part. Beachbody HAD a policy Star Diamond Beachbody coachs (basically a leadership level), are not allowed to be part of any other direct sales company that is a direct competitor (Beachbody has a skin care line) OK cool I’m not leadership level. I’ll be ok… I figured I’d do both until the Wedding or until the time came that I couldn’t. Well literally a few days after I signed up and the SAME DAY I was STILL questioning God on if this is where he wants me Beachbody changed there policy and procedures. The policy now says ANY coach at ANY level can not be a part of another multi level marketing company. Now remember I had been Praying. And I mean A LOT! I felt like change was in the air and I had been asking God for direction. 
I was trying to keep my cool. But I was literally FREAKING OUT! I reached out to my support system and Kurtis kept reminding me that If this is what God wants you to do, He will make this work…somehow. I kept praying on it to see if this really is where God wants me because this just might turn into a tricky situation. I was terrified! Is makeup/ lipstick worth risking my relationship with Beachbody over?! 
Needless to say, I have been faced with a really tough decision. Honestly one of THE TOUGHEST decisions I’ve had to make. Do I want to hold on to my Beachbody business I have been working to build or do I want to trust God 100% and take this crazy, leap of faith?! Just because he’s guiding me to and go ALL in with my new businesses? Yeah I probably could do both and no one would know. But I would KNOW. I also don’t think nor do I want others to think it’s ok to break or bend rules or polices to suit your own needs. 
I read a book by Gabi Bernstein last month called “The universe has your back” in the book Gabi talks about asking for a sign. She says to ask for a sign that you’re on the right track. Asking for a sign means that you’re willing to collaborate with God (the Universe). It means that you’re committed to releasing your need to control how things work out and instead be led by a power greater than you. Asking for guidance is an exercise in receiving good, orderly direction that may be unrelated to what you think is right. She asks that we trust that God (or the Universe) has a better plan than you do. Gabi talks about how do you choose a sign? She says don’t overthink it: Just pick the first thing that comes to mind. So I did that. The first thing that came to my mind was feather. I don’t know why I chose that. I don’t necessarily like or dislike feathers. I don’t have any connection to them. But that’s what came to mind. Ok my sign was a feather. 

I hadn’t seen any feathers. Nothing related to Beachbody or LipSence has feathers connected. Well Friday 3/3 the day of my launch I met my bestie for coffee. As I’m standing in line at Starbucks I look over and there it is on the shelf a coffee mug with feathers all over it. Ok coincidence maybe?! Well I went about my day. I came home from work and went live in my online store. LATTES, LUNGES & LIPSTICK and it was so much fun. I run out again and head to the grocery store. While I’m there looking for someone what do I see? Yet another mug with a feather. Now I’ve been seeing feathers often. About once a day. All on coffee mugs. I think I’ve been given my sign. 
All of this to say, as of Today, I am no longer a Beachbody coach and will not receive any type of compensation for helping women achieve their health and fitness goals. I took it upon myself to cancel my coaching accounts and go ALL IN with my new makeup/lipstick business. 
 I am incredibly grateful for all that Beachbody has taught me. I absolutely LOVE my tribe, and love the community. I love the programs, and love the superfood shake. Kurtis is not going anywhere so if you are still considering Beachbody reach out to us. We will gladly guide you along. I love all the women I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I am forever grateful to have met some of my BEST friends through this business!  
It’s been very emotional, but at the same time I’m giddy excited for the future. If you’ve been friends with me or following me for any amount of time. I want you to know, you’re going to see the same stuff I’ve been posting. Well there probably won’t be any Shakeology selfies. I’m still 100% me and I want to continue sharing my journey in hopes of inspiring someone. I praying God continues to use me and my truth. 

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