Whole30(ish) Complete 

When I shared with friends, family, and co-workers that I was doing Whole30 the response was, “but you already eat healthy.” My answer to all of them was that my number one motivation for doing Whole30 was to try and find some relief for the headaches and dizziness that I had been suffering with for years. I also want to have better control over my emotional eating and my mindless snacking. My diet had gotten pretty “snacky” over the last few months and my “sugar dragon” as Whole30 likes to call it needed a serious taming. Not so much with REAL sugar but the synthetic sugar. Example: Truvia in my coffee, crystal light in my water. 
To be honest the idea of giving up sugar, alcohol, grains, dairy, legumes, soy and any processed foods for a month and focusing on eating real food sounded difficult but doable to me.

I will totally admit that I gave Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free and other similar dietary preferences a little bit of a side eye before starting Whole30 but I’ve certainly changed my tune on that after spending 30 days focusing on eating high quality, nutritious, real foods. I’ve always been one to preach Balance but after this experience I’m a little more open minded. 
If you read my first blog post on Whole30 and why I’m doing it you’ll know that I planed on breaking the rules from the start. That’s not a good idea and I don’t suggest that. The program was written the way it was for a reason. I made the decision to continue drinking my Shakeology throughout my Whole30 when the book clearly says it’s non compliant. I really don’t know if it did or didn’t hinder my results but regardless it’s not the way the program was designed. With that being said here’s my summary. 


One of the “rules” of Whole 30 is that you’re not supposed to weigh yourself the entire time.  This rule terrifies me. I’m one of those people who weighs daily. What if I gained weight during this process?! I’m not weighing or measuring anything and I’m eating more fat. Honestly I was so scared. Yes, it was hard at times because I wanted to see if I’d lost any weight. 

As of today Day 31 I was able to weigh and take progress pictures. 

My results were not as great as I had hoped but I did lose 5 pounds. Kurtis reminded me that the main reason I did this was to see why I was having headaches NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT. 
It is not always about the weight loss. I have to keep reminding myself of that. It goes much deeper then that. Until you stop chasing the dream of “how to get skinny”, and start chasing how to love your self in a healthy state of mind that is when the magic happens. 

Here are a few of the non scale transformations that I experienced during the Whole30. 

* In regards to nutrition, it felt really good to focus on fueling my body with healthy, real food that I took the time to shop for and prepare myself.

* Cutting out Truvia limited me on buying coffee out. 

* I found I really like kombucha. 

* I got back on a better sleep cycle.  

* My energy was much steadier. No mid-afternoon slumps

* I think I only had one headache and that was due to not eating in a timely manner. 

* Zero dizziness 

* I never felt bloated, overly full or tired after eating. 

* For the first time in a long time I felt “free” when making my plate of food. I ate until I was full and threw out the rest. I wasn’t worried about eating what I measured out based on calories or containers. 

The biggest challenges of Whole30

Whole30 was not without its challenges and here are some that I faced.
* It requires a lot of planning. Whole30 required a lot of planning in both prepping to start and staying on the program. 

* Not SNACKING, even though this was my mission going in this was something I struggled with big time. 

* There is sugar in EVERYTHING. Seriously, start reading your food labels. There is sugar in so many products that you would never imagine would need sugar added. 

* Grocery shopping definitely took longer due to all the label reading.

* It is challenging to “Eat out” most restaurants do not have compliant options but it is doable 
In the Whole30 complete guide they give a timeline things they say you will experience. I didn’t think that held true for me. I don’t believe I even felt the “tiger blood” now some of that may have been because I didn’t follow as written by drinking my Shakeology. I won’t know until I do another round and find out for sure. Some of the things I may or may not have felt and I always felt behind schedule. I’m not really sure why? 

Final thoughts, tips for next time and my next steps.

I am really happy that I decided to do Whole30 and I had a great experience with the program this go around. The nature of my schedule and lifestyle means pretty early wake up calls, rushing around all day, and “being on.” Whole30 was a wonderful reminder of the importance of self-care. I realized I ate far too many nuts, RX bars and almond butter even though it’s technically compliant. 

I feel like I need to do it again and follow it as it’s written. 

 I’ll be sure to write another post about the process. 

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