You are greater than the story you tell yourself

You are greater than the story you tell yourself.

We all have those stories. You know, the ones we tell ourselves. We allow them to dictate what we are capable of. The problem with that is we will fall into the belief that cannot exceed whatever place we happen to find ourselves in currently. Sometimes the story is telling you that you are not good enough, not healthy. You are unlovable, or whatever it is, that it’s just the way it is and you can’t change it. It’s life! 

You have the ability to rewrite your life’s story with your actions.

If you happen to believe that you are stuck, let me let you. You are not a tree, move! There are far too many people who have had huge obstacles things standing in their way who went on to accomplish great things. Whatever story you are telling yourself, whether based on past life experiences, you can decide to rewrite your story. You get to live a life of your own. Write your own BIG life story. 

Pain is inevitable suffering is not. 

I can honestly say, even though I went through more than my fair share of pain and challenges in life. There is very little that I’d want to change or take back if I had the chance. I do believe that the challenges we are faced with allow us to grow. Of course we have to be open to doing so. It takes an open mind to perceive our situation clearly and accurately.

One thing that I would do if I could, would be to go back and tell myself not to believe the BS stories that I was telling myself.  
Practice sitting quietly a few minutes each day without letting thoughts or feelings run things. Use this time to wish for all, including ourselves to be free. Learn to recognize the stories we create that cause us pain and suffering, and be willing to drop them. Change your story, practice mindfulness! 

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