Are you really giving up? 

What does it mean to actually give up? “Never give up” was something that I had taken on as my motto or mantra. It is something that I use to hold on tight to. It all started several years ago after I had lost Cristian. I even have it tattooed on my foot as a reminder to stay strong and “Never Give Up” 
For me “Never Give Up” meant to always keep going, to push forward no matter what life threw at me and to remember how strong I actually am. 

Now it’s been something that I’ve adopted as my life motto. I have used it a lot in my fitness journey. Although to be honest sometimes I feel like I do “give up” but is it actually giving up? 

When people learn how much weight I’ve actually lost the most common question people ask me is how did I lose my weight. Because  I know it’s hard to believe someone can really lose 200 plus pounds.  I feel like everyone is looking for this magic answer like take this pill and you’ll wake up 200 pounds lighter. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but it doesn’t work that way. I tell everybody the same thing I’ve done literally everything. I feel like I’ve probably tried 90% of every diet out there.
 I’ve done everything from weight watchers, to counting calories, counting Macros, packaged foods, diet pill, soup diets, and Beachbody with Shakeology. 
I’m one of those who if I see a new fad diet or I hear about what currently working for people I’ll try it. Some things I can tell right away if it’s going to work and others work for a while and then it doesn’t anymore. 

It might not be that it’s not working anymore or that it’s not currently working for me. Everybody’s body is different. Every metabolism is different. Everyone had different blood types and lifestyles. What works for one person may not work for another. I strongly believe that genetics and gut health all play into whether something will work or not for YOU. 
It’s not just diet, fitness plays into it as well. I’ve done many different fitness programs. From purely cardio to cardio and weight training. Zumba to dance workouts. Some I’ve seen better success than others. 

That brings up my question. What is it mean to actually give up? Was I giving up when I decide something is not working for me and I move on. 

Is it really giving up when you try something new and you realize that it’s not for you? Or it hasn’t worked and you want to try something else? Or when you put your all into something and it’s no longer working. Are you actually giving up? 

I have often questioned all of these things with my fitness journey what “giving up” actually means.  
What about in Jobs when you no longer feel passion for the line of work you are in. Or the company you are employed with is treating you poorly and you move on? Is changing career paths giving up? I know there’s days where I felt like I have nothing else to give where I put my all into something and I don’t know if I can do it any longer but is that actually giving up or is it realizing your strengths and your weaknesses and moving your attention. It is definitely something that I’ve asked myself often.
All I do know is that we need to keep trying and pushing and even struggling. Even when you don’t know what your goal is or how you are going to achieve it. I’ll keep pushing through and reminding myself to NEVER GIVE UP! 

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